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Cocavé offers you organic and natural solutions to your personal care needs. Here, you can learn, shop, share, schedule appointments and more! Have a personal care concern that needs natural attention? The Cocavé app provides a “Search by Symptom” section which gives you natural suggested products to whatever your needs may be.

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Cocavé (co-cah-vay) is the world's first coconut oil, coconut water, blue agave nectar all-natural personal care line. Organic coconuts have been used for centuries to rejuvenate skin and hair, providing a young healthy look. Blue Agave Nectar, another organic ingredient, was used by the Mesoamericans for its skin healing properties. Blended, they create a unique formula that renews and replenishes both inside and out.
Cocavé Personalized Care Products allow you to create the perfect mix for yourself, your friends, or your customers. Finally! A product for you, created by you. We've included a stainless steel mixing wand to allow your creativity to flow as you mix in our uniquely formulated all-natural Cocavé Synergistic blends. However, the Cocavé Personal Care lines are so good with their authentic Mexican Vanilla scent, you may not want to add anything at all.
Cocavé is all about health both inside and outside your body. We understand that your skin is the body's largest organ and what you put onto your skin gets directly absorbed into your body. We devote a lot of resources to certifying and testing our ingredients with independent labs to make sure you are getting the purest products available. Rather than formulating new chemical compounds, we seek out ingredients already existing in nature.
Download the Cocavé app today and let your body enjoy the benefits of nature!

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